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The Butterfly’s Kingdom is a tale of brokenness and redemption, exile and reconciliation. It is a spiritual coming of age story for believers and non-believers alike.
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When Elizabeth Bishop’s life begins to feel like a string of empty successes, she makes a pilgrimage to idyllic, small town Montague to visit her childhood friend, Annie. But when Elizabeth arrives, she finds that Annie’s seemingly postcard-perfect life is a lie. Annie’s pillar-of-society psychiatrist husband, Arthur, committed suicide the year before, leaving her to raise her two children, eight-year-old Sam and fourteen-year-old Betsy.

After Elizabeth arrives in Montague, she is plunged into the dark and tangled mystery surrounding Arthur’s death. While Sam seems happy and resilient, Betsy is sullen and angry, afraid she is doomed to her father’s fate. Nothing, apparently, is as it seems. Why is Annie so afraid of Jackson, Arthur’s boyhood chum who was her close friend for many years? What secrets are they hiding? And why has Annie invited Elizabeth’s high school boyfriend, Luke to join them?

As Elizabeth tries to sort through the web of deceit in Annie’s life, her own demons emerge. The recurring nightmares from her childhood return -- the brooding, moonlike face that haunts her in the darkness of night. What is it trying to tell her? What does it want? Only a spiritual solution can save them.
The Butterfly’s Kingdom is a psychological mystery … readers will
find the characters acting like family and friends they may know …
an inspirational book of great depth and nuance.”

          -- Gabriel Constans, author, Saint Catherine’s Baby